21 August 2017 | Projects
It wants to double the current capacity.
17 August 2017 | New Build
It was moved 10 months to September 2018.
11 August 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure
This is despite current power shortage.
2 August 2017 | New Build
It's the 37th Chinese operational power reactor.
28 July 2017 | Projects
Ten reactors were recently approved.
21 August 2017 | Safety & Environment
Nuclear has attracted its unfair share of malignment over the decades, but the facts present a different case.
18 July 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure
ASEAN must establish a better understanding on whether nuclear energy will work well for the region.
18 July 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure
Some experts think it may be high time to revist the Bataan NPP.
Graft, fraud and a fatal accident have plagued Korean nuclear despite its role as a nuclear leader-nation
30 June 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure
Korea is the latest nation to move toward the cessation of its nuclear energy programme.
Korea is one of the world's most established nuclear players deriving over one third of energy requirements from the atom
21 June 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure
The Republic of Korea is the latest nation to makes motions toward the eventual cessation its nuclear energy programme, begging questions as to the motivations of the new Korean President, Moon Jae-in.