12 October 2017 | Markets
This will allow KHNP to export the model.
28 June 2017 | Markets
Losses have hit around US$8.9b.
There is still hope for Westinghouse
25 May 2017 | Markets
Bankruptcy is an ugly word for any corporation, but that may not be case for bankrupt business’ industry.
26 April 2017 | Markets
In the name of maxmising each business' value.
12 April 2017 | Markets
This is up from last year's US$4.3b.
China ups the ante in nuclear infrastructure and technology output
20 February 2017 | Markets
The Chinese are making assertive overtures regarding expanding their nuclear technologies into Southeast Asia.
Dr Mohd Zamzam Jaafar
17 October 2016 | Markets
Dr Mohd Zamzam Jaafar stresses the importance of gaining public support.
29 September 2016 | Markets
World generation will surge by 73%.
22 September 2016 | Markets
Is a carbon-free energy future possible?
25 August 2016 | Markets
Nuclear power and climate change will be tackled.