KHNP's APR 1400 gets approval from European Utility Requirements

This will allow KHNP to export the model.

South Korea's state-run nuclear operator Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co Ltd (KHNP) reported that the recent modifications to its APR 1400 reactor design were approved by the European Utility Requirements (EUR), a technical advisory group for European utilities on nuclear power plants. Enerdata reported that the latest changes modify how the reactor will cool itself in case of emergency.

Gaining the EUR approval will allow KHNP to build the model in countries that require EUR certification in Europe and outside of Europe (South Africa and Egypt). KHNP has been eager to sell the APR 1400s abroad since it won a deal to build four nuclear reactors in the United Arab Emirates in 2012.

"Besides, the Korean government has been taking several measures to reduce its dependence on nuclear power and KHNP is aiming at diversifying and gaining a foothold on overseas markets to sell its nuclear reactors," Enerdata said.

KHNP is Kepco's wholly-owned subsidiary which owns and operates South Korea’s 21 nuclear power plants along with 27 hydropower facilities.