Japan approves Kepco's plans for 3 reactors

Ohi- 3 and 4 will be strengthened.

The Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) approved Kansai Electric Power Company (Kepco) "construction plans" for the strengthening of the Ohi-3 and 4 (1,118 MW each, Fukui Prefecture) along with Kyushu Electric "construction plan" for the Genkai-3 (1,180 MW, Saga prefecture) nuclear reactors, according to Enerdata.

These plans are the second of three applications required during the restart process, following the permission to make changes to the reactor installation. Lastly, the three units will have to undergo final safety inspections before being allowed to restart.

Enerdata said that the three reactors were shut down in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster. In July 2013, Kepco submitted its construction plan application for Ohi-3, Ohi-4 and Kyushu Electric for Genkai-3, respectively. In the near future, plans to submit a construction plan for the neighbouring unit Genkai-4 will be submitted as well.

"As of today, only 5 out of the 42 Japanese nuclear reactors have so far cleared inspections confirming they meet the new regulatory safety standards and have resumed operation, namely: Kyushu Electric's Sendai units 1 and 2, Shikoku Electric's Ikata 3; and, Kepco's Takahama 3 and 4. So far, another 19 reactors have applied to restart," Enerdata.