New Build

30 May 2017 | New Build
The site will be home to six 1000MW reactors.
17 April 2017 | New Build
A big chunk of civil engineering works have been accomplished.
28 March 2017 | New Build
It is already "self-sufficient" in terms of reactor design.
2 March 2017 | New Build
It's also planning to have eight more reactors.
10 January 2017 | New Build
The 340MW Chashma-III plant will add 600MW to the grid.
23 December 2016 | New Build
Construction and grid connection took a total of 8 years.
12 December 2016 | New Build
The information is sought as "proof of efficacy".
Will Vietnam rue scrapping two nuclear projects?
23 November 2016 | New Build
Southeast Asia’s most developed nuclear energy market has decided to give nuclear the flick, in what is seen by many experts as a backward step for the nation.
17 November 2016 | New Build
It will operate for up to 60 years.
9 November 2016 | New Build
It is expected to be completed by 2020.