Ikata NPP's Unit 3 hits 100% operating capacity again

It's the fifth Japanese reactor to resume full operation.

Owner Shikoku Electric Power Company revealed that the Unit 3 of the Ikata nuclear power plant in Japan's Ehime prefecture has hit its 100% operating capacity.

Unit 3 had been idle since it went offline for a periodic inspection 5 years ago in April 2011. It was just this year, August 12, when Shikoku began to restart Ikata 3 and the reactor attained criticality the next day.
"The 846 MWe pressurized water reactor resumed power generation on 15 August and since then output from the unit has been gradually increased," World Nuclear News reported.

Shikoku expects Ikata 3 to be fully commercially operational by September 7 as it is still subject to a final inspection by the Nuclear Regulation Authority.