23 October 2017 | Projects

“Our specific needs include training in reactor analysis, in-core fuel management, and safety analysis, reactor operation and maintenance. Local expertise, skill and competency should be developed for efficient management and future operation. We are lacking expertise in nuclear physics, reactor physics, nuclear engineering graduates, both at graduate and undergraduate level needs to be addressed. More universities need to come forward with quality programmes to address this.”

18 July 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure

We are actively considering including the nuclear power in our energy mix. Because the Philippines is composed of many islands, we are an archipelago, perhaps, the floating nuclear power plant could be an answer to develop and industrialize the far-flung islands in the Philippines.

30 June 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure

“In our view, the South Korean nuclear industry is well-entrenched and well-connected; so it remains to be seen how it can influence the government, apart from President Moon, on the electoral promise, in terms of moderating it.”

3 April 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure

In India [our nuclear] expertise is contained almost totally within the government’s atomic energy Department of Atomic Energy. There are no nuclear engineering schools in our universities or institutes of 'technology'."

31 March 2017 | Policy & Infrastructure

"Indonesia has made a nuclear energy outlook in 2014 and it is clearly stated that Indonesia needs electricity with the power of 115 GW in 2025, and existing electricity is around 52 GW. The lack of electricity till 2025 should be supported by new energy and renewable energy (NRE) with the percentage of 23%, including nuclear. One of the advantages of nuclear is that they are green, very competitive and to be able to provide bigger power of electricity."

30 August 2016 | Projects

"Nuclear power is generally meant to supply for the base-load, so the utility company needs to make sure that the grid is able to handle the added capacity, which should have planned long beforehand. From the environmental standpoint, connecting a nuclear power plant instead of a fossil fueled one can bring substantial reductions in carbon emissions and airborne pollutants."

30 August 2016 | Projects

“The start-up of the first VVER-1200 at Novovoronezh NPP is a further example of how nuclear companies are developing new technologies and designs to improve reactor performance, efficiency and safety. Countries in Asia choosing to use nuclear power as part of their energy mix will benefit from the experience gained and technological advances made through sixty years of nuclear reactor operations worldwide.”

29 March 2016 | Safety & Environment

"Commercial nuclear power technology is increasingly a matter of national interest. It is expected that one of the emerging Southeast Asian countries will make an announcement regarding some commitment to establish a commercial plant."

10 March 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure

“The power sector is changing, with smaller and often decentralised energy generation, all becoming or expected to become economically competitive with current generation technologies and systems.”

10 March 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure

"Safe and secure nuclear energy use is dependent on multi-stakeholder partnership, between government, industry, academia and the citizenry."