Ibaraki governor to reject restart of 1.1GW Tokai-2

Japan Atomic Power Co applied for an extension in May 2017.

The Ibaraki province Governor announced he will not endorse the restart of the 1,100MW Tokai-2 nuclear reactor in Tokai village, Japan. According to Enerdata, the company in charge is Japan Atomic Power Co, which applied in May 2017 for an extension to operate the plant beyond the 40-year limit.

The reactor is located in the Naka District, Ibaraki Prefecture, in the northern Kanto region of Japan (neighbouring the Fukushima Prefecture). It came onstream in November 1978 and suffered external power loss like in Fukushima during the earthquake and tsunami but the reactors were safely cooled, preventing an additional major accident. The plant has been shutdown since then.