India eyes boosting nuclear power capacity by 7GW

It wants to double the current capacity.

The Indian government aims at doubling the country's nuclear power capacity, from the current 6,780 MW (gross capacity) to about 14,000 MW, according to Enerdata.

It is working on a programme to add 7,000 MW of nuclear capacity. In May 2017, the Union Cabinet approved the setting up of 10 indigenous Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) of 700 MW each for power generation.

"So far, six reactors are under construction, for a total capacity of 4,300 MW: two 700 MW units at Kakrapar (units 3 and 4), two 700 MW units at Rajasthan (units 7 and 8), a 500 MW PFBR in Madaras and a 1,000 MW reactor at Kudankulam (unit 3)," Enerdata said.