9 February 2017 | Projects
Japan's Tohoku Electric Power Company has pushed back the expected completion dates of construction work to bolster safety at unit 2 of its Onagawa nuclear power plant and unit 1 of its Higashidori plant.
31 January 2017 | Projects
Capacity will hit almost 100GW, beating that of US.
25 January 2017 | Projects
Five in nine reactors have been given preliminary approvals.
24 January 2017 | Projects
Lowering tariffs will be difficult if restarts aren't granted.
18 January 2017 | Projects
It's going to be fossil fuel for now in Japan.
23 December 2016 | Projects
A fully non-inductive operation mode was used to make this happen.
15 December 2016 | Projects
The project will cost $24.1b with Hitachi covering 10% of the amount.
2 December 2016 | Projects
The Swiss back continuation of their nuclear programme.
30 August 2016 | Projects
"Nuclear power is generally meant to supply for the base-load, so the utility company needs to make sure that the grid is able to handle the added capacity, which should have planned long beforehand.
30 August 2016 | Projects
“The start-up of the first VVER-1200 at Novovoronezh NPP is a further example of how nuclear companies are developing new technologies and designs to improve reactor performance, efficiency and safety.