Japanese regulator approves Ikata 3's operational safety programs

It's getting closer to a restart.

World Nuclear News reported that the operational safety programs for the Ikata nuclear power plant have been approved by Japan's nuclear regulator, moving unit 3 one step closer to restart pending final inspections. The regulator has also confirmed Takahama units 1 and 2 meet new safety standards.

"The Nuclear Regulation Authority's (NRA's) approval of Shikoku Electric Power Company's operational safety programs means that it is satisfied with the utility's emergency response plans for the Ikata plant in Ehime prefecture. These plans include the event of fire, flooding or other natural disasters, or a serious accident," the report said.

Under Japan's reactor restart process, plant operators are required to apply to the NRA for: permission to make changes to the reactor installation; approval of their construction plan to strengthen the plant; and, approval of the plant's operational safety programs. Operators are required to add certain safety-enhancing equipment within five years of receiving the NRA's approval of a reactor engineering work program.

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