1 February 2017 | Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Tepco has revealed new photos of suspected melted nuclear fuel.
1 August 2016 | New Build
It will generate around 119.8TWh of electricity per year.
11 May 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure
Dismantling could take 30 years to complete.
28 April 2016 | Safety & Environment
It's getting closer to a restart.
29 March 2016 | Safety & Environment
Asia’s incumbent nuclear industries are going to expand.
28 March 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure
Its oldest reactor at Ikata NPP will be decommissioned in May.
10 March 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure
“The power sector is changing, with smaller and often decentralised energy generation, all becoming or expected to become economically competitive with current generation technologies and systems.”
10 March 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure
"Nuclear is a proven low carbon technology that has been delivering safe, reliable and economic power for many decades; it's now time for nuclear to take centre-stage in the fight to save the planet."
9 March 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure
"The resumption of nuclear power generation in Japan is a good signal particularly for ASEAN countries which can absorb approximately 20 GW of nuclear power capacity, according to our estimates."
4 January 2016 | Policy & Infrastructure
First of 43 reactors goes into operation.